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Training and Education

Steel SIP Systems understands that using steel skin SIPs is relatively new to the construction industry, and that there is a lack of trained and qualified personnel familiar with this superior building system.  For this reason, Steel SIP Systems has developed a comprehensive education and consulting program through Steel SIP University to educate and train all people concerned with this emerging technology.  We can  consult with and train architects, draftsmen, developers, contractors, installers, and building officials.

We can consult with architects and draftsmen to familiarize them with SIP friendly design techniques and supply them with CAD programs for connection details and Florida Product Approval Code installation instructions.

We also offer an intensive two day seminar for installers and contractors covering the following items:

1)     Design considerations for SIP friendly buildings

2)     Explanation of wind loading stresses and how they affect buildings

3)     Step by step instruction for erecting steel SIPs

4)     Overview of connectors, fasteners, and details

5)     Cutting procedures for steel SIPs

6)     Tools needed and their use

7)     Door and window installation

8)     Steel floor joists and components

In addition to an all day seminar, we also visit a project under construction, for on site training as to how everything ties together.

By completing this course, individuals will have learned how to properly erect a steel SIP building, and will receive certification from Steel SIP University that they have acquired the methods and knowledge necessary to help them succeed in this exciting building process.

Graduates will also receive updates by email regarding new tools, techniques, and any pertinent information that will further their expertise in the steel SIP system.

The education course is a set fee, with discounts available for multiple people from one company.  Local building officials are always encouraged to attend free of charge, as all parties involved will benefit from their familiarity with the steel SIP system.