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To the residents of the Gulf Coast

Steel SIP Systems is now introducing our proven superior building system to the Gulf Coast area! Our steel skin structural insulated panels system has been 'hurricane tested' here in Florida and has proven to be stronger than conventional frame or block construction, at a competitive price.

Photo of steel SIP home in Punta Gorda Florida after sustained winds in excess of 140 mph during Hurricane Charley

ONLY DAMAGE=  Some siding was ripped off on one gable end, however there was

NO WATER PENETRATION!          Cost to Repair: Less than $500

We know that steel sips are an ideal building product for Gulf Coast rebuilding. We have witnessed the damage that the Biloxi and New Orleans areas sustained from Katrina, and feel that Steel SIP Systems can play a part in restoring these historic areas to their former greatness. Our strong water resistant system would have prevented the major damage that occurred to the conventional frame homes due to the ravages of wind and water from the hurricanes.

Rebuilding with the steel sip system will enable residents to have the best home available, and give to them the peace of mind that their home is hurricane resistant, termite proof, low maintenance, and extremely energy efficient.

Even though our system is the future in building, we still respect the history and unique architectural styles of New Orleans. Your traditions in many areas, from music to cuisine, remain a national treasure. With that in mind, Steel SIP Systems has designed several homes that will blend in with your city's heritage and are suited to the entire Gulf Coast.

Working together, we can all strive towards a common goal-restoring your proud city to her rightful place of national prominence!


You can email your pdf, CAD file or sketch  to dave@steelsip.com